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Why is Simple Website Design the Best Website Design?

Simple design is the most effective for various reasons. When a design is too busy, the user is likely to find errors and can spend hours maintaining it. Simple designs tend to last a longer time, and can stand the test of time. Consider the website of antique record collector Simon Foster. He uses simple typography and a straightforward layout to highlight his collection. This minimalist approach has many benefits, including its longevity.

Firstly, it is easier for a person’s brain to process a simple design. Having too many colors requires more work on the eye. Another factor that can make a design look simple is cognitive fluency and visual information processing theory. Studies have shown that a simple design will convert more customers. Complicated designs decrease conversion rates. Google has even discovered that the visual complexity of a website has a negative impact on how the visitor perceives it.

Simplicity also allows for the user to navigate easily. Complicated designs often confuse a user and they may not know where to begin. A simple website design guides the eye along the entire site. Users have certain expectations of the layout of certain types of websites. Popular e-commerce websites typically follow a specific pattern. Keeping this in mind can make the difference between a successful website and a failed one.

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