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Why Are Smartphones So Restrictive Compared to PCs?


The smartphone was invented by the IT industry, desperate to sell more products. This quest to kill the PC was largely orchestrated by a more sinister agenda. A PC had a full-featured operating system, an open internet connection, and allowed ordinary people to access it with little regulation. The smartphone was a step in the right direction, but it was still severely limited in functionality.

As the mobile computing market continues to grow, smartphone manufacturers have responded by introducing new devices designed for mobile workers. According to Samsung’s research, mobile workers spend one third of their working hours on their phones, and 42 percent say they prefer them to other devices. While most smartphones are more geared towards consuming content, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy devices provide more flexibility and creative control.

One of the differences between PCs and smartphones is the security measures. PCs have better physical security than smartphones, but smartphones are more vulnerable to malware and other forms of attack. However, smartphones are still restricted in terms of the apps available. Those who use Android can install a VPN to protect themselves from malware. Android users can change their default messaging app and even change their launcher.

Since smartphones have become ubiquitous, more people are using them for communication. More financial transactions are conducted through these personal devices, and without them, you will not be able to buy anything or communicate with anyone. This has reduced the intellectual content of our lives. So, how do we stop this? Let’s face it: smartphones are becoming the de facto personal device for internet access, and they have made us less creative and intellectual.


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