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What is the Purpose of the See, Think, Do, and Care Framework?


When you plan marketing campaigns, the See-Think-Do-Care framework can help you determine your audiences and create a better communication plan. You can also measure how well your communications are working by using the ‘See’ intention. Here are some examples of how you can use this framework to make your campaigns more effective. A home furnishing retailer may use the See intention to identify the target audience for its marketing campaign. Anyone who has a home is a possible audience for the See intention.

To make the most of your multi-channel marketing campaign, measure each step of the funnel. By measuring the success of each step of the customer journey, you can plan future growth and make adjustments accordingly. Another way to measure your marketing efforts is by creating bespoke personas for each channel. In addition to seeing how your audience behaves on a funnel, you can see what buckets they fall into along the way.

Google Digital Garage module 4 answers this question by providing an overview of the See, Think, Do, and Care framework. The program teaches the basic principles of digital marketing and provides certificates at the end of the course. The first step is to find a course on Google Digital Garage. After you have completed the course, you can start your digital marketing journey. It will help you create an online presence and earn money while learning.


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