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What are the Most Common Injuries Sustained in Workplace Accidents in Rockford?


Workplace accidents are a common occurrence, with more than one in four employees sustaining an injury during their work. The injuries are usually to the hands and arms, due to repetitive motion such as computer-related injuries. However, back pain is a major source of these injuries and most of them occur due to poor ergonomics, lack of training, or improper equipment usage. Almost 80% of workers in certain occupations sustain back injury according to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics.

However, if you are injured at the workplace, don’t be reluctant to speak to a personal injury attorney to discuss the scope for compensation. You can choose someone who is experienced in handling cases similar to yours to bring a positive outcome for your claim. Also, check the website of the attorney you choose to know more about his or her work history, success rate, and testimonials.

Let us now look into the most common injuries sustained in workplace accidents in Rockford.

  • Back injuries

Back injuries are the most common injuries, reported by more than 75% of employees. Actually, back pain is a very common complaint in the workplace, especially for those working for more than eight hours a day or standing for long hours. It is not just the repetition of certain movements that cause such injuries but also the poor work postures and equipment used.

  • Head injuries

These are the second most common injuries, reported in most occupational injuries. Head injuries leading to a concussion or even a skull fracture are not just caused by a sudden impact but also by the repetition of certain movements. The risk for head injuries is more if you already have pre-existing health conditions, such as headaches and fatigue.

  • Knee and foot injuries

Knee and foot injuries are other types of injuries sustained in workplace accidents. These can be caused due to an impact of objects falling from a height, improper footwear, or lack of flooring at the workplace that requires you to walk on hard surfaces for long hours.

  • Sprains and strains

These are the most common injuries that occur when the body is put under stress or strain due to certain movements. Sprains and strains can occur anywhere in the body and could be either temporary or permanent. 

  • Fractures

Fractures are the most common injuries sustained in workplace accidents that can cause disability. These injuries mostly affect the bones in the hands, fingers, and legs. They can happen when a person falls from a height or is involved in an impact with a moving object.


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