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Top 4 Tips for Finding Movers in Melbourne


Moving house is one of life’s most stressful experiences. It is time-consuming, complex, and risky; over that, there is the huge stress of going to a new home and a new city. So, of course, you don’t want surprises from an incompetent or unethical moving company; instead, you want your movers and packers company to make the relocation process more manageable. Right? For this, it is imperative to choose the best movers in Melbourne.

Melbourne is the fastest-growing city in Australia, and it is expected to have a population of around 8 million by 2051. This multifaceted city welcomes hundreds and thousands of people by offering top quality of life, numerous job opportunities, and much more. Meanwhile, the cost of relocating a house in Melbourne is about $350. Most professional movers charge an hourly fee of $150, which includes the payment of two men and a truck.

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For many years, a massive demand for removalists in and around Melbourne has been observed. This is why numerous mover and packers companies have excellent market reputations today. So in such a scenario, finding the best one that caters to your needs and fits your budget becomes quite challenging. So to give you ease, here are some tips for you to follow when looking for a removal company in Melbourne for your relocation. Continue reading!

1.   Do Your Homework

First, browse for the best removalist companies in Melbourne. Then compile a list of a few companies that you think can be the best fit for you. And now, make sure you shortlist 4-5 companies that are licensed to operate in your area. Get the free estimated quotes from all the shortlisted companies and thoroughly compare their services and prices. This way, you can find the best company that offers all the necessary services without breaking your bank.

2.   Check the Company’s Reviews

It is always wise to have a clear idea about the quality of services, reliability, punctuality and professionalism of the removalists’ team. You might wonder how you can judge a company on these aspects before opting for their services. Well, it is not as difficult as it seems to be. All you need to do is browse through their website and check their customer reviews sections and testimonials. Check out their google ratings, and don’t forget to carefully read what their previous customers say about their experience with the company.

3.   Make Your Bookings in Advance

Shifting to a new place eats up the gobs of your time. It takes a lot of time to plan and schedule things, so it is always better to start as early as possible. Also, remember that booking a removal company is not a last-minute thing. There are chances that the company you are finalising is pre-booked for the day and time you want to hire them. So don’t take any chances. As soon as you have found the best removal company in Melbourne to partner with for your relocation, immediately call them and make your bookings.

4.   Make Sure the Removal Company Is Accredited

Another vital piece of advice for you is to ensure your chosen company is accredited. Also, it should be affiliated with the Australian Furniture Removal Association (AFRA). This will not only give you a sense of security that your belongings are in the right hands, but it also means that the company will adhere to the rules and standards of relocation tasks prescribed by the authorities. Meanwhile, it is mandatory for accredited movers in Melbourne to:

  • Meet the industry standards in terms of quality of service and safety.
  • Provide you with a guarantee of advance payment when confirming the booking.

So if you plan to relocate anywhere in Melbourne, keep the above-mentioned points in mind and start your search! This way, you will indeed find the best removal company that facilitates a safe move for you and your belongings.


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