Signs Of Workers’ Compensation Fraud 

When employees get injured in the workplace, it can be a matter of concern and stress for both the employee and the employer. The employer might fear getting sued and the employee might worry about their medical expenses and pain. Workers’ compensation can fix these problems by acting as a safety pin for both parties.

Unfortunately, many people try to take advantage of workers’ comp insurance by filing fraud claims. If you are an employer suspecting your employee of making a fraud claim by faking an accident, you must get legal advice before you take further action. The wrong step can land you in jail before you know it. 

Signs of workers’ compensation fraud 

  • The injury happened on Monday or Friday. 

Some fraudulent workers claim that their accident occured on an early Monday morning before anyone came to the workplace. This could be a lie because these injuries could be a result of their weekend activities and not happen during the course of their employment. The same goes for accidents that apparently happen on a Friday but are not reported until Monday. If your employee makes a report on a Monday or Friday, make sure you investigate the case properly.

  • Disgruntled employee. 

Angry or upset employees are more likely to commit fraud rather than the ones with whom you have a good relationship. It is not always the employer’s fault when it comes to ruined employer-employee relationships. Perhaps you denied them a vacation request or an advance on their pay and they want to get their anger out by filing a fraud claim. If an employee is filing a claim right after having a similar experience with you, it is a bad sign. Click here : gold bee cbd gummies

  • There are no witnesses to the accident. 

Not all accidents are lucky enough to have witnesses and it is certainly possible that a work accident went unnoticed. However, if the claimant usually works around other employees and is claiming that there were no witnesses, then they are probably lying. Additionally, if the only witnesses they can manage to bring are their friends, then that is a lie as well. If you receive a complaint, make sure you check the credibility of the witness before believing them. Click here : gold bee cbd gummies

  • The employee is hard to reach. 

If the employee is given workers’ comp benefits, but are hard to reach now, it might be because they are looking for another job while still enjoying the benefits. Workers’ comp benefits can increase and decrease depending on whether the claimant is able to work or not. 

For example, if they can take up another job while still recovering, then they may get a lesser amount for lost wages.

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