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Should I Send My Pitch Deck to Any Investor Who Asks For One?


When you’re preparing your pitch deck, keep it simple and to the point. Don’t include detailed spreadsheets and charts. A few key metrics to include in your presentation include sales figures, total customers, expenses and profits. Also discuss underlying assumptions. Be sure your projections are realistic; investors mentally cut your numbers in half. You want to show them how your business will benefit them, and not just the general public.

The pitch deck should provide an overview of your business. The investor doesn’t want to get too specific; the goal is to get their interest and pique their interest. You can always expand on the information later if the investor is interested. In general, pitch decks should also include your business goals and competitive landscape. If you’re presenting to a venture capital firm, you may be required to meet with them three times before a final decision is made.

The next slide should describe the problem your product solves. Make sure to use an embedded video or screenshot to avoid making your slides unusable. If possible, include some testimonials from your customers. Finally, a good slide should include a product or service description that addresses the pain points identified in slide two. In addition to your pitch deck, send it to any investor who asks for one.

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You should always keep your pitch deck updated. Sending out an old deck to an investor can hurt your chances of getting funding. Investors usually request slides prior to meeting you. However, be sure to use PDF files instead of Powerpoint or Keynote files to protect your company. The PDF format also preserves fonts and styles. However, you should consult a lawyer before implementing these measures.

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