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If you love films, television shows, and streaming content, IMDb is the place to go to learn all about them. You can find bios of the cast and crew, plot summaries, trivia, and fan reviews. You can also find information on how you can watch each movie or video at home.

You can also keep track of upcoming awards shows and events. The site has a list of nominees and surprise snubs, along with the show’s history. For example, if you’re a fan of the Oscars, you can see who has won the award in previous years. You can also upgrade to IMDbPro to gain access to more features.

IMDb is owned by Amazon and has become a major advertising resource for many film and television shows. It began as a Usenet posting entitled “Those Eyes,” and has evolved over time. A computer programmer, Col Needham, eventually incorporated the site in the UK as Internet Movie Database Ltd. In 1996, IMDb began to generate revenue through advertising and licensing. In 1998, the site was acquired by Amazon and became a subsidiary. As it gained popularity, it was used to promote DVDs and other products on Amazon.

As a user of IMDb, you can learn more about movies, TV shows, and actors. In addition to rating movies and TV shows, IMDb allows you to browse cast lists, find actors and actresses, and view photos and videos.


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