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Whether you’re looking for a platform for creating and sharing videos with your audience or you’re looking for a way to make your own videos available for streaming, Vimeo is a great option. It’s a video sharing company that has built a software as a service business model, allowing you to upload your videos directly to Vimeo and distribute them online.


Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer or an amateur, you can benefit from a video hosting service. Both Vimeo and Wistia offer free and paid plans. However, if you’re looking for a video hosting solution, you need to take into account your video needs and the features you need.

The first step to choosing a video hosting solution is to consider the number of videos you plan to upload. The more videos you have, the more you’ll need to invest in a plan. You can also consider your video’s length.

Among the things to consider are upload limits, storage space and bandwidth. You’ll also need to decide whether you want to use a free plan or a paid one. The free plan allows you to upload up to three videos. However, you’ll need to pay $0.25 per video uploaded after that. You can also pay a monthly fee for a subscription to Vimeo On Demand, which allows unlimited streaming access to your videos.


Founded in 2006, Dacast is a video hosting and live streaming platform. Its offices are in Beijing, London, and San Francisco. Its offerings include streaming, custom branding, and video analytics. It’s also an ideal solution for businesses seeking to provide paid content.

The basic plan is only $39 a month. It allows unlimited live streaming from a smartphone or external camera. It supports a variety of devices, including Android and iOS. You can also add up to eight GB of videos to your account. You can sort uploaded videos by name, date, or privacy status.

You can set your own HTML5 video player. You can also set password protection on your live streams.


Founded in 2006, Vimeo is a video hosting site. They have a variety of features. You can upload a video, host live events, edit videos, screen record, and more. They have a 30-day risk free trial. They also have a video player.

There are two main types of video hosting services. One is Vimeo, and the other is YouTube. They both protect you from copyright issues and provide in-built marketing features. You can also find many video hosting services that offer free and paid plans. Some businesses block YouTube, and Vimeo is a good alternative.

Kaltura is another company that’s been in the live streaming space for quite some time. It’s an open source video platform with deep video API functionality. It’s also very clear what it does. They have product support and integrations for every aspect of an enterprise video workflow.


StreamShark is a free software application that allows users to stream live video. It provides end-to-end stream encryption and offers a host of features and functionality that makes it a must-have for live streaming enthusiasts.

The software comes in two versions. The free version provides a basic set of features while the pro version allows users to customize their streaming experience. In addition to video, users can also stream audio to their preferred platform.

The software also features end-to-end stream encryption, which reduces bandwidth and administration time after an event. Users can also choose to use a dedicated IP address to surf the web securely.


Integrated with Canvas, Panopto is a web-based application that allows instructors to record and manage video content. It allows students to upload and share video content, as well as participate in interactive presentations.

Panopto is similar to services like YouTube, but it’s a bit more comprehensive. It allows you to record content from your computer or webcam, as well as share videos with students. It’s also easier to use, thanks to its Smart Search technology. It allows you to search for any word in a video, and it lets you search for a video by the topic.

Another great feature is the ability to create interactive transcripts, which lets students search through the video and get a sense of what they’re learning. You can also set up polling questions, which are anonymous.

IBM Cloud Video

Previously known as IBM Ustream, the IBM Cloud Video platform provides a comprehensive solution for delivering live and on-demand video content. It is based on IBM’s cognitive technology and AI.

It supports live streaming, on-demand video, and commercial promotion. It also provides easy setups and simple workflows. The platform can be integrated into a company’s network directly through single sign on.


The IBM Cloud Video platform offers three plans: “Gold,” “Platinum,” and “Diamond.” The “Gold” plan includes ten channels, 2,000 viewer hours, and two terabytes of video storage. The “Platinum” plan has 20 channels, 5,000 viewer hours, and five terabytes of video storage web series review.