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Crackle is a free, on-demand streaming service that offers original programming, movies, TV shows and more. It’s a great option if you’re looking to cut the cord on your cable television subscription. The free service is available on PCs, smartphones, tablets and TVs.

Crackle’s selection of movies is wide and diverse, and includes titles from classic Hollywood films and modern action and comedy flicks. The selection of television series is a bit smaller, but Crackle does offer a handful of standout shows, including Hell’s Kitchen, Third Rock from the Sun, and Charlie’s Angels.

Crackle’s selection of original programming is growing as well. You’ll find such high-profile names as Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson, and Harrison Ford in Crackle’s library. Additionally, the site has hosted such popular shows as Pauly Shore’s comedy specials, Urban Legends, and Drive.

As with most other video services, Crackle has advertisements. These ads appear in the middle of the screen and usually last about thirty seconds. They are designed to mimic the show’s storylines. In addition, Crackle’s user interface is fairly straightforward and intuitive. Users can search for content by genre or name, as well as sort videos by their most recent additions or most popular. If they wish, users can also turn on captions for movies and TV shows.

Crackle offers a relatively wide range of original programming, although it has a reliance on comedy content. It also has some non-comedy content. For example, The Oath, which was written by former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy Joe Halpin, features Sean Bean, Cory Hardrict, and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Crackle is free to use, but it does require a hard line connection, as well as a fast internet connection. Generally, you’ll only be able to view Crackle content if you have a connection that’s fast enough to stream the HD video. That means a connection of at least 500 kbps. However, if your connection is slower, you’ll probably have to wait a few weeks before you can view some of Crackle’s newest content.

Crackle’s original programming includes comedies, dramas, and action films. It also hosts a variety of other genres, including foreign language films, documentary content, and award-winning documentaries. A few of Crackle’s current shows include a ten-part reboot of Guy Ritchie’s movie Snatch, and a gritty tech thriller called StartUp.

The user interface is easy to navigate, and the selection of movies and television shows is extensive. You can sort videos by genre, as well as by most recently added, featured, and most popular. There are also filters that allow you to filter results by release date and IMDb rating.

Crackle’s selection of original movies and TV shows is impressive, but not as vast as Netflix. Many of the titles are a little older than the other services, and the selection of shows is a mix of old favorites and a few contemporary shows.

Crackle’s selection of movies and TV shows is a good fit for most people, but those who aren’t into comedy may not find much to their liking. Those who like action and horror may want to try one of the more popular Crackle originals, such as Shaun of the Dead or Rob Riggle’s Ski Master Academy.


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