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Is Seoul the Leading Innovator in Tech?


Is Seoul the leading innovator in tech? Let’s take a closer look. Seoul has been winstrol named the world’s best e-government for seven years running, and now it is focusing on implementing big data and the new technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to make the city smarter and more connected. It’s an impressive accomplishment, but what should Seoul do to become the leading innovator in tech?

The first step to creating a better innovation ecosystem is to encourage creativity outside of the major conglomerates. By encouraging smaller companies, the government can foster growth without the monopolistic expansion of the biggest conglomerates. In addition, the government can change its approach to foster longer-term support for basic research and development. Once the government has changed its attitude, innovation can begin to flow. It will require a more balanced approach to encourage startups and the R&D industry.

In addition to the Korean government, there are several private companies in the region that are already generating innovative technologies. Samsung Electronics, for example, is collaborating with the SKKU Chemistry to develop a semiconductor material that reduces the amount of radiation exposure patients receive when undergoing medical X-ray imaging. By the end of 2010, South Korea had 105 regional innovation centers and 18 techno-parks, as well as seven federal programmes that strengthen the competitiveness of industrial clusters.

South Korea’s industrialization and R&D efforts have spurred the growth of high-tech industries in the country. Korea has become a leader in semiconductor memory chips, cellular phones, and liquid crystal displays. The country has also established itself in the world market for shipbuilding, home appliances, auto manufacturing, and telecommunications. Its continued growth is a testament to the strong human resources and innovative culture in this country.

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