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How to Spot a Fake Luxury Handbag


Another thing to look for in a fake luxury handbag is a blank or incomplete tag. A genuine tag will feature the name of the brand and the country where the bag is made. It should also be straight and feature the logo or name stamped with a period or an underscore. The edging on a real handbag is painted by an artisan, while a fake will have uneven corners and a blank tag. filmefy

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One of the best ways to spot a fake luxury handbag is by comparing the bag to an authentic one. Many counterfeit bags come in protective packaging and are sold by street vendors. You may also notice that the logo or price tag isn’t very recognizable. Don’t buy counterfeit bags from any store other than a reputable designer resale shop. If you are unsure, ask for photos of authentic examples and look for pointers to authenticity.

Another way to tell if a luxury handbag is fake is to check the materials. A real designer uses higher-quality materials and techniques to create the bag. Fake handbags are often made with cheaper materials. In some cases, the leather may feel and smell like plastic. You should never purchase a counterfeit handbag, unless it’s a replica. If you’re unsure, ask a professional to check it out for you thedocweb .


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