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How to Get the TikTok Verified Badge


In order to get the coveted TikTok verified badge, you have to engage with other users. You can do this by signing up for daily email questions and submitting your video responses. While you don’t need to spend hours on the app every day, 10 to 15 minutes a day is enough to send the right signals to the TikTok verification team. Besides, interacting with other users will give your TikTok videos a better chance of getting noticed.

First, you have to reach the required number of daily followers. Your account needs to have a steady number of new followers. You have to be famous not just on TikTok, but in general as well. For this, you need to create high-quality, valuable content. tunai4d You must be a popular TikToker and have a significant following in a few other social media platforms. After achieving these goals, you can focus on promoting your account on other social media platforms.

Another way to get verified is to join a Discord group. These groups are a great way to engage with fellow streamers and ask questions. They also have a forum where you can exchange memes. You can also use these groups to team up with other TikTok users. thop tv 45.1 0 The more content you share, the more likely you are to be verified. So, start promoting yourself on other social media sites today and get verified on TikTok!


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