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How to Get More Podcast Listeners on Spotify

If you’ve ever wondered how to get more podcast listeners on Spotify, you’re not alone. There are several other methods to promote your podcast that will also help your audience find your episodes. Listed below are three methods that can be used to generate more listeners for your podcast. Remember to follow these tips and apply them to your content to get more listeners on Spotify. And as always, I’ll provide more tips in future articles.

Use Spotify’s analytics to gauge your success. Besides letting you track your overall listener statistics, Spotify allows you to view details such as demographics and devices that your audience uses to stream your podcast. This data can help you tailor your promotional materials and determine which content is most appealing to your audience. You can even learn from your listener’s feedback and make your episodes even better. Getting more podcast listeners on Spotify is easier than you think!

After creating a Spotify account, you must verify your podcast by entering your email address. Then, enter the RSS feed URL that you generated through Captivate into the Link to RSS feed box. Your show will be listed in the Preview section of your Spotify page. You can click the “Subscribe” button to let listeners know when there’s a new episode. If you want to see your podcast on the app, make sure to subscribe to it!

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