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How to Get Double Attacks in Cube Wars


If you want to have double attacks in Cube Wars, there are several tricks you can use. First, you have to use the Attack button, and then tap the face up side of your cube. After the dust settles, flick a cube at your opponent’s cubes. Double attacks end your movement in the opponent’s territory, but they aren’t instant. You must first flip a die. The face up side of the Hubpost die must show the unit’s image. Release the die with the unit image on it, and the cube is defeated. The Shadow Attack also ends the movement in the opponent’s territory, so you need to wait until the opponents turn before you can use this tactic.


If you’ve been playing cuntwars for a while, you’re probably wondering how to get double attacks. This strategy is similar to the one used in the Hyperborea expansion, but uses a different cube building system. In order to activate it, you must have at least two cubes. But if you can get three, you’ll have a permanent double attack. In this article, I’ll explain how to get double attacks in Cube Wars.

Cube World

You may be wondering how to get double attacks in Cube Wars. This tower defense game features multiple waves of enemies that follow a predefined path towards your base. To protect your base, build towers along the path. Each tower has an AI that attacks the tango first enemy that comes in range. As enemies fall to your base, you earn money. As you progress through the game, waves of enemies grow stronger and larger, requiring more complex towers. In addition, the game has no real ending.

Cube Wars

Achieving double attacks is essential if you want to win in the Cube Wars battle mode. The game is a tower defense style game in which the player builds towers along a predefined path. Each tower has AI and automatically attacks the first enemy it comes in range of. Each time one of your towers kills an enemy, the player earns money. Waves of enemies increase in size and strength over time. There is no end in sight.

Cube Quest

When you play cubes vs. spheres, you will encounter waves of enemies that follow predefined paths towards your base. To fight them, you must place towers in their path and attack as many enemies as you can. Towers have AI that will automatically attack the first news for web enemy that comes within range. You can collect money by killing enemies, but you must be careful not to become too greedy, as waves will get bigger and stronger as time goes by.

Cube Wars’ combat system

If you’re wondering how to get double attacks in Cube Wars’ battle survival mode, this guide will help you out. This popular mobile game is based on the PC version of the game and features amazing graphics and realistic battle action. It’s also possible to disable enemy attacks in order to have double attacks! There are dozens of buildings and weapons available in Cube Wars battle survival mode. There are two ways to do it: the first is to purchase the MOD APK.

Cube Wars’ custom army building

If you’ve ever wondered how to get double attacks in Cube Wars’s custom army building, you’re not alone. Many people are curious about this very issue, as well. I had the same question. The answer is surprisingly simple. You can do so by using the expansion packs to add more variety to your troops. You can also mix and match units, as long as you stay under 40 points.

Cube Wars’ dexterity game

When you play a dexterity game, you want a challenging level with enough room to make mistakes. A good dexterity game should challenge you enough to improve while giving you plenty of room to botch your shots. The dexterity game in Cube Wars does just that. Here are some tips for double attacks:


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