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How to Design a Business Card That People Will Keep


How to design a business card that people want to keep will ultimately depend on the type of business you’re in. If you’re in the music industry, create a business card that includes a guitar pick. A sommelier might use a wine bottle shape to attract attention. You can even use an unconventional design, such as a paper airplane. A creative business card is likely to be remembered by recipients and keep them.

The font you use on your card should reflect your brand. Make sure it’s easy to read. Generally, all text should be eight points or bigger, but you can choose to make important information bold or in a different typeface. Size matters, too, and the amount of text you can fit on your card will depend on how big it is. White is a great canvas for text, but you can also use other solid colors to highlight it.

A great way to increase the retention of your business cards is to incorporate functionality. People tend to check out websites before they decide on a business. By including a link to your website, your prospective client can quickly visit your website to learn more about your services. And if your prospect is unsure whether they want to continue working with you, they can always contact you on social media. And if you’re trying to make friends, your business card should be as useful as possible.


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