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Future Inventions For Education

Technology is transforming the classroom. While video projectors are a familiar sight in the classroom, the next step is a giant touch screen LCD screen. These touchscreen devices will connect to computers and be able to detect the input of multiple students. Soon, tablet-style touchscreens will sit flat on a table and be operated by swiping, dragging, or typing. In just a few years, teachers will no longer need to rewrite assignments by hand, and students will be able to collaborate with other classmates.

As we get closer to our visionary future, technology will help educators cater to varying learning levels. Wearable augmented reality devices, which mimic real world surroundings, are already being developed by Google. As a result, the future of education will change drastically. Another example of future inventions in education is virtual reality technology. This type of technology creates an entirely immersive virtual environment in which students can interact with and learn from their surroundings. Virtual reality, however, is still a ways away from being used in classrooms, although many people are hopeful for its potential.

The next generation of smartphones is expected to usher in the next revolution in learning. 5G is poised to help create the future of online education, as well as boost the economies of developing countries. According to a recent UN study, more than 260 million children worldwide lack access to a full-time education. With 5G’s new mobile data capabilities, virtual classes will be transmitted from virtually anywhere, even the most remote areas. Those in developing nations will only need a mobile device and a reliable internet connection to access online classes. There are also charities such as the Turing Trust that refurbishes computers before sending them to schools in developing nations.

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