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Eros Now is India’s leading over-the-top (OTT) entertainment service. It’s a cutting-edge digital entertainment platform, owned and operated by Eros STX Global Corporation. The service features original content, blockbuster movies and television shows. In addition to its exclusive series, the library includes more than 12,000 digital titles, over 2.5 lakh music tracks, and over 4,400 short-form videos. And to top it all off, Eros is ad-free.

With an enormous library of Bollywood and regional films, Eros Now is perfect for those looking to explore the country’s rich cinematic heritage. For instance, the Eros Now app now offers regional films from India in HD. Additionally, Eros Now select subscribers can enjoy offline downloads of favorite shows from Apple TV channels. These are the types of benefits that make the Eros Now experience an ideal destination for the South Asian diaspora worldwide.

Aside from its exclusive originals, Eros now also has a comprehensive library of online movies, Quickie versions, and behind-the-scenes videos. Those interested in classical cinema might want to check out the Eros Now Select platform, which features the best of the genre, including classical movies, original episodic series, and original web-series.

The Eros Now library is constantly evolving and expanding. Some of the current and upcoming releases include the Hindi film Operation Cobra, the Tamil thriller Kaan Banega Crorepati, and the Gujarati drama Khichdi. Similarly, in the coming months, Eros Now will add more than 6,000 films and short-form content to its library, enabling its audience to enjoy a wide array of movies in a range of Indian languages. Moreover, the platform has recently announced plans to expand in the Middle East.

Eros Now offers its users an unlimited library of films, series, and music, including the world’s largest Bollywood collection, and the most original episodic content. Eros has been named ‘Best OTT Platform of the Year 2019’ by the British Asian Media Awards. As of June, the platform had a subscriber base of over 18 million, with 20.9 million paying members and 19 million free subscribers newstodaysworld24.com.

Eros now has a number of popular partnerships with leading telecom companies and other media outlets across the world. This year, the company launched Operation Cobra, a digital-first action thriller by Gautam Gulati. Furthermore, Eros now has launched a campaign aimed at spreading the joy of entertainment. Along with the launch of this campaign, the company recruited a host of influencers to amplify the message. Besides, it is tying up with leading brands to promote its offerings Newstodaysworld.com.

Meanwhile, Eros now is making a strategic announcement that will cater to consumers’ growing demand for fresh online video content. The platform has partnered with Ooredoo Qatar, a telecommunications firm headquartered in Doha. Also, the platform will expand its reach to the Apple TV channel.

Unlike other OTT platforms, Eros now offers its viewers ad-free streaming. While a basic subscription is free, you can opt for a Premium subscription to gain access to more premium originals, blockbuster movies, and exclusive series. When you sign up for a Premium subscription, you can choose whether you’d like to pay monthly, annually, or by the episode. Moreover, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, you’ll have to set up a password. You can do this via the mobile application or on your desktop filmik.



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