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1954 Hank Aaron Rookie Card


Looking for a 1954 Hank Aaron rookie card? You aren’t alone. Hank Aaron was a major league baseball legend. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Hank ascended from the Negro Leagues to play for the Milwaukee Braves and later the Milwaukee Brewers. He soared to the top of the career home run list, and was named baseball’s all-time Home Run King. A true baseball legend, Hank Aaron embodied sheer ability, consistency and resilience.

Aaron’s 1954 Topps rookie card has become a popular collectible, thanks to his legendary performance in the MLB. There are only 255 of these cards in existence, and they’re worth a lot of money. The Topps Company made 100 cards during Aaron’s 23-year career, and his first is only going to increase in value as time goes by. If you’re lucky enough to own one of the last remaining cards of the slugger, you’ll be surprised at how much it’s worth.

The price of a PSA 10 GEM MINT card will depend on condition. It’s likely that the card will be worth between $600 and $500, depending on its grade and condition. A PSA 7 card, on the other hand, would fetch upwards of $27,000. You’ll probably find that a PSA 9 card would sell for around $17,000 to $29,000 in the current market.


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